The FREMM Tahya Misr Participates in Suez Canal Expansion Celebrations

The Egyptian Navy’s FREMM frigate Tahya Misr has joined a large naval contingent to celebrate the inauguration of a major extension of the Suez Canal.

DCNS delivered the Tahya Misr to the Egyptian Navy on 23rd June, and its participation in the event marks a new page in the shared history between Egypt and France.

The Tahya Misr led the ships through the new Suez Canal from the Mediterranean Sea heading to the Red Sea. The procession was witnessed by François Hollande, President of the French Republic, Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Ministry of Defense and Hervé Guillou, Chairman and CEO of DCNS.

“I am proud and moved to witness one of the most modern frigates of the 21st century, DCNS’ FREMM, sailing under the Egyptian flag and taking its place in the history of one the greatest civilizations in the world,” stated Hervé Guillou. “I thank the Egyptian authorities for the confidence they have once again granted DCNS, and the opportunity to contribute to the sovereignty of Egypt’s naval and industrial capability.”

Delivering the FREMM to the Egyptian Navy

DCNS’ expertise in the naval domain, along with the support of the French Navy, enabled DCNS to deliver one of the most modern frigates of the 21st century in a very short time. The FREMM Tahya Misr was delivered on 23rd June 2015, after four months of intensive adaptation and outfitting work. DCNS will now provide support services and through life support to the Egyptian Navy for the next five years.

Continuing the strategic partnership between France and Egypt

DCNS is committed to a long term partnership with Egypt, and has been contracted to supply the four Gowind® corvettes to the Egyptian Navy. The first unit of steel for the first corvette was cut on 16th April 2015, and construction is currently underway at DCNS’ shipyard in Lorient. The first of class is due to be delivered in 2017, less than four years after the signature of the contract.

DCNS is in the process of transferring the necessary skills and know-how, including build, high technology equipment integration and through life support, to Egypt’s Alexandria shipyard, where the remaining three corvettes will be built.

Under this transfer of skills and know-how, DCNS will also provide the SETIS® combat management system and the Panoramic Sensors and Intelligence Module (PSIM), one of the major technological innovations developed by DCNS for the corvettes.

DCNS has also been training the Egyptian crew to operate the corvettes and handle weapons systems such as the SETIS® combat management system developed under DCNS.

DCNS’ suite of proven and innovative products, accompanied with its extraordinary know-how and unique industrial resources, allows the Group to meet its customers’ requirements and contribute to their sovereignty

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