French naval defence company DCNS today outlined its plans to assemble an Australian-based supply chain to support the country’s next generation of submarines, in a presentation to the Supply Chain Seminar at the PACFIC International Maritime Exposition.

DCNS proposes to build a supply chain in Australia that will support the submarine for the next five decades. This supply chain will have the in-country capability to deliver the products, services and know-how to keep the submarine operational, capable and available on an enduring basis.

Sean Costello, CEO DCNS Australia, said early engagement with the local defence industry had been a priority for the company and a major component of the company’s proposal to the Australian Government.

“DCNS is one of the world’s largest and oldest submarine companies and the Future Submarines Program would be its first major investment in Australia. DCNS wants to partner with Australian based suppliers to support the design, construction and sustainment of the next generation of submarines over the next five decades.

“DCNS is drawing upon its considerable and long experience operating supply chains in other countries to support their local warships production and maintenance.

“DCNS has already consulted some hundreds of Australian companies and has identified more than 50 candidate projects to develop these capabilities within the Australian supply chain. This is an excellent opportunity to establish an extensive and highly-skilled Australian-based industry force to supply one of the world’s largest submarine companies.

“DCNS has been highly impressed with the level of technological skills, adaptability and expertise on offer across Australia to potentially construct and maintain the nation’s future submarine fleet,” Mr Costello said.

“DCNS understands the national security rationale for being able to sustain these submarines in Australia which is why we have been so focused on identifying a variety of suppliers to support the program.

“This is good for the Royal Australian Navy as well as for local industry and employment.”

DCNS presented its plans at the DCNS Submarines Supply Chain Seminar at the PACIFIC International Maritime Exposition being held at the Sydney Exhibition Centre.

More than 90 Defence industry leaders attended the seminar.

More information on how to become involved in DCNS’s global supply chain can be found on the DCNS Australia website www.naval-group.com.au.

Download the press release.