DCNS Innovation seminar comes to Victoria

More than 200 firms, research facilities and training centres will attend today’s inaugural DCNS innovation seminar in Melbourne.

The seminar will also be attended by 16 companies from the Toulon and Brittany regions of France, with the aim of forging further links with Australian suppliers. The firms are members of the Poles Mer Bretagne Atlantique and Mer Mediterranee – two French innovation clusters dedicated to the sustainable development of maritime and coast technologies.

The Pole Mer delegation will also visit Sydney and Adelaide where it will share the experiences of many of its member companies in the innovation environment that supports industry development in France.

DCNS has already consulted some hundreds of Australian companies and has identified more than 50 candidate projects for new innovations within Australia as a replicative approach of what is done in France within major national programs. It is indeed part of DCNS’s practises to foster and strengthen an innovation-based industrial and academic ecosystem capable of fuelling local supply-chains and partners.

“DCNS devotes 10% of its revenue to research and development every year, and encourages innovation in all of its work with subcontractors, small and medium-sized companies, scientific laboratories and industrial groups,” said Sean Costello, Chief Executive Officer, DCNS Australia.

Further DCNS innovation seminars are planned in Adelaide and Perth.

 Background information
In November last year DCNS lodged its final deliverables to the Commonwealth’s Competitive Evaluation Process to select a partner for Australia’s Future Submarine project. DCNS is offering the Shortfin Barracuda Block 1A as part of its proposal, the most advanced conventionally powered submarine.

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