Shortfin Barracuda Submarine

Naval Group confirms commitment to Future Submarines

Naval Group has confirmed its commitment to deliver a regionally superior and sovereign Future Submarine capability for Australia that brings together experience and key technologies along with opportunities to maximise Australian industry involvement.

The Future Submarine is currently progressing through concept design on schedule. This has involved successful work to establish the initial length, diameter and displacement of the submarine ahead of subsequent design phases.

Importantly, design work continues to include the pump jet propulsion system, which was proposed by Naval Group during the Competitive Evaluation Process, and remains on offer to Australia.

The design of Australia’s Future Submarines will draw on the best of French submarine design and technology to meet Australia’s submarine capability requirements, which include superior stealth.

The Future Submarine design will also benefit from the development of the French Barracuda submarine, which remains the reference point for Australia’s Future Submarine, and from Naval Group’s extensive experience in conventional submarine technologies.

The first Future Submarine will enter into service with the Royal Australian Navy in the early 2030s, and construction will extend to the late 2040s. Sustainment will continue over the life of the Future Submarine fleet into the late 2070s.

The Future Submarine Program will be the largest Defence acquisition project in Australia’s history and is a truly national endeavour for Australia that will generate industrial capability and employment for many generations of Australians to come.

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