Capital Equipment EOI

Release of new Submarine Construction Yard EOIs

Naval Group Australia has commenced planning activities for the Procurement of Capital Equipment related to the Submarine Construction Yard (SCY) to be built as part of the Future Submarines Program (FSP). 

To inform this planning and to meet the objective of maximising the Australian industry participation in the FSP, Naval Group Australia has engaged with the Industry Capability Network (ICN) to release new Expressions of Interest (EOI) seeking companies that may have the capability to design, manufacture and supply the required equipment.

The new EOIs include long lead items required to be defined as part of the design of the SCY such as:

  • Automatic Welding Machine for Junctions (AWMJ)
  • Rollers for Cans (RFC)
  • Flat working surface plate for rectification (WSP)
  • Automated storage system for drum reels and cutting machine (ASSDR)
  • Automated storage system for long items (ASSLI)
  • Digitally controlled bending machine for large diameters (BMLD)
  • Retrieval machine for tubes (RMT)
  • Universal milling machine (UMM)
  • Boring machine (BOM)
  • Digitally-controlled bending press (BPP)
  • Forming press (FP)
  • Water jet cutting bench (WJCB)
  • Digitally controlled bending machine for medium diameters (BMMD)
  • Automated storage system for pallets (ASSP)
  • Cans tilting pivot (CTP)
  • Piping hydraulic test installation (PHTI)
  • Pipe degreasing plant (PDP)
  • Digitally controlled bending machine for small diameters (BMSD)
  • Guillotine shearing machine (GSM)

The information released is a broad description of the functionality that is required, not a detailed specification. Once potential companies are identified, there will be a process to short-list those that are able to participate in a formal tender. Further information will be released to those companies that are short-listed.

The list released does not include all Capital Equipment required for the SCY.  Future EOIs for the supply of SCY equipment will be released via the ICN as SCY schedule progresses.

The EOI will open on the 15th February 2019 remain open for six weeks.

To date Naval Group has engaged with over 1,100 Australian suppliers through expression of interests, requests for information, supplier visits and industry events to develop an in depth understanding of Australia Industry capability.

To register interest and receive further information, please visit the Industry Capability Network (ICN) gateway and register for the Future Submarine Project.