Naval Group Australia celebrates 200th employee

In late February, Naval Group Australia celebrated the commencement of its 200th employee. The Hon. Linda Reynolds CSC, Australian Minister for Defence visited staff to mark the milestone, along with The Hon. Stephen Marshall, Premier for South Australia and Vice Admiral Michael Noonan, Chief of the Royal Australian Navy.

In her speech to staff, Minister Reynolds said:

“It is a privilege to meet such a committed and talented Australian team. I saw first-hand your dedication and commitment to designing and building a sovereign capability to protect our national interests.

“You have a big task ahead for the Royal Australian Navy to deliver 12 regionally superior Attack class submarines. I have no doubt that the one million components you are currently designing will come together to create a formidable undersea capability for our nation. I couldn’t be prouder of the way you are rising to this challenge in both Adelaide and Cherbourg.

“Never forget, every single one of you, that every day you come to work you’re building a sovereign capability our country needs, and we thank you for the amazing work you have done to get the project to this point in time.”