Meet Miguel – Recruitment Expert at Naval Group Australia

Meet Miguel Neto, Senior Recruitment Advisor at Naval Group Australia. Miguel is responsible for the development and delivery of Naval Group Australia’s entry level programs and talent pipeline strategy,  as well as managing the recruitment of international assignments.

Find out what brought Miguel to the rewarding world of recruitment, and his top tips for the job seekers of today.

What attracted you to this role?
The Australian Future Submarine Program presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join an international defence prime in its establishment phase in Australia. I have always been passionate about contributing to the Australian Defence enterprise, and joining a cross-generational program that will provide employment opportunities for decades to come was a perfect fit. Knowing that I am establishing programs today that will give Australian students, university graduates, and even experienced workers looking for a change, the opportunity to have have a long-term successful career is highly rewarding.

What do you love about working in recruitment?
I love getting to know my candidates on a human level. As you get further along the selection process you build more of a relationship, and you get to know them quite well by the end of it all. It is always rewarding to see the people I recruited in the office, knowing that I played a part in bringing them onboard.

What made you choose this career path for yourself?
I don’t have a traditional recruitment background (in the sense of cutting my teeth in a recruitment agency environment). I started my career as a HR ‘generalist’, but I have always gravitated towards recruitment. I enjoy working closely with the business to identify the workforce needs; developing a recruitment strategy, whether it’s a comprehensive bulk entry level recruitment campaign or a very targeted approach where there may be only a handful of people in Australia capable of fulfilling the role; and then executing that strategy. It’s difficult to describe the feeling you get when you hire an absolute star you know is a perfect match for the role, or a graduate entering the workforce for the first time after studying at university for several years, but it’s a pretty good feeling.

Miguel’s tips for job seekers:

What tools/resources would you recommend to a job seeker to ensure they maintain and build on relevancy for their career?

I think it is important for job seekers to understand what emerging technologies and skills employers are seeking in their new recruits, and if they do not currently have those skills, develop a plan on how they can upskill. For example, a candidate may upskill through further education, micro-credentialing, or having a look at whether they have transferable skills as a basis to the bridge the gap through on-the-job training. 

What are some of the key challengers that recruiters are seeing with job seekers and what tips can you provide to stand out from other applicants.

Recruiters review dozens, if not hundreds, of applications weekly, and therefore standing out from the crowd can be difficult. I have three simple tips that I often share with prospective candidates.

  1. Quality over quantity – rather than focussing on how many pages a CV should or should not be, provide a clear and concise CV that is tailored to the position you are applying for rather than submitting a “one size fits all” generic CV.
  2. The “X” factor – highlight your achievements, and more importantly, clearly state their impact rather than simply listing the previous duties you were responsible for. Remember: impact; impact; impact.
  3. Give, not take – convey in your application how you will contribute the role and business you are applying to, rather than expressing what the role will provide you.

Why is your digital personal brand important to recruiters and companies?

Candidates need to consider their online personal brand as an extension of their written application and resume, especially given it can really help with the “X” factor. Knowing the digital landscape of today, I recommend job seekers not only refresh their LinkedIn profiles regularly, but also Google themselves and get to know how they are being perceived online. Knowing your digital footprint is important.

Despite COVID-19, Naval Group Australia is continuing to bring new team members on board. We have adapted procedures and implemented new safety measures that align with the advice of the Australian Government, and have carefully implemented these new procedures and measures to allow us to continue delivering as Australia’s international partner for the Attack Class submarines on time, and on budget. Click here to see all current opportunities.