Naval Group launches STEM Virtual Classroom in partnership with Port Adelaide Football Club

Since 2017, Naval Group Australia has partnered with the Port Adelaide Football Club to engage, connect, build and strengthen relationships with the Port Adelaide community.

Our shared vision for community enables us to promote and encourage the next generation of leaders to take up an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics – all skills which are vital to the success of the Future Submarine Program.

In conjunction with Power Community Ltd we deliver two major initiatives, the Power of STEM and the Community Youth Program. Both initiatives have seen Naval Group Australia deliver STEM based education to 90,174 young people across 329 schools in South Australia.

COVID-19 restrictions have seen a reduction in school visits but our passion to inspire and connect with our community has seen us collaborate and innovate by bringing the classroom experience to the home.

We are proud to launch in partnership with Port Adelaide the Virtual Classroom Naval Group STEM online module.

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