Naval Group to open new base as employee ramp up reaches 250

Naval Group Australia will open a new $25 million office in Port Adelaide as it gears up for the move to the Attack class submarine construction yard.

The announcement came as Naval Group Australia welcomed its 250th employee as part of its rapid ramp up of staff.

Naval Group Australia CEO John Davis said that the new facility would be opened in the coming months and represented a further step in the journey to Attack class submarine construction.

“With our workforce rapidly expanding we need an additional base as we prepare for the move to the submarine construction yard at Osborne,” said Mr Davis.

“Port Adelaide – with its strong heritage of waterfront industry and proximity to both Osborne and our Keswick office – is the perfect place for this new base.

“With more than 250 people now employed by Naval Group Australia, our local workforce is growing and we are seeing the benefits of this exciting program to the local community.

“We are looking forward to being part of the proud Port Adelaide community as our program rapidly ramps up ahead of the move to the submarine construction yard.”

Information Manager Andra Easton is Naval Group Australia’s 250th employee

Naval Group Australia has embarked on an aggressive recruiting campaign with the workforce expected to increase to over 1,700 direct jobs in 2028 with many more indirect jobs being created through the life of the program.

The new office space will be housed in the old TafeSA building and will be able to host up to 350 employees and provide access to local amenities including a creche, gym, cafes, shopping centre and other local businesses.