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This is big. It’s a ground-breaking enterprise that will span decades and employ generations of Australians. Above all, it’s an investment in our country’s future. We’re looking for Australia’s most talented, resourceful and dedicated people to contribute their skills. Are you ready?


Our Team

Staff Spotlight: From Science Student to Naval Architect

James Wilkes is a Naval Architect, preparing to relocate to France to become a member of the Australian Design Authority. In his role, he is responsible for ensuring that the overall design for the twelve Attack class submarines is consistent and balanced. How did you get to where you are today?...
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Staff Spotlight: Technologically advancing Australia’s future

Joisbel Castro Ramirez is a Materials Welding Technologist. Her dual-focused role is divided between developing the steel and welding technology for the Future Submarine Program, and working with the Technologist Team to help source Australian suppliers for the materials for the build of the Attack class submarines. What do you enjoy...
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Staff Spotlight: Pursuing a passion for STEM

Terry Byrnes is one of our Electrical Technologists within the Engineering team. He has twelve years of engineering experience working on projects across multiple industries and continents. His passion for solving challenges and aspiring to develop innovative solutions for the future has led him to return to Adelaide to work...
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Staff Spotlight: Women in STEM

Anna Eriksson is a Naval Architect. In her role she is responsible for ensuring that the overall design for the twelve Future Submarines is consistent and balanced. This involves bringing together the different systems of the submarine, i.e. mechanical and propulsion and making sure each system works cohesively together. Once...
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Staff Spotlight: Transitioning into defence

Ben Wittwer joined Naval Group Australia in April 2018, successfully transitioning his 10 years of Engineering experience in the steel and transportation industries to the Future Submarine Program. Can you please explain your role and responsibilities at Naval Group Australia? As an Electrical Technologist at Naval Group Australia I am...
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Staff Spotlight: Investing in our future

Elena Christaki-Hedrick joined Naval Group Australia a year ago after completing a Bachelor of Laws (Honours), Bachelor of Arts (French Studies) and an Honours Degree (French and Politics) at the University of Adelaide. Since then she has completed her Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (GDLP) while working at Naval Group...
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