Help shape the future of Naval Group Australia

Our corporate and support teams work behind the scenes to support our strategic endeavours and day to day operations. Whether you’re skilled in HR, communications, legal or in another corporate or support service role, our roles will provide you with diverse, interesting and challenging career pathways.

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Corporate and support careers at Naval Group Australia


Our communications and marketing team plan, organise and manage internal and external communications to inform and educate our stakeholders on the Future Submarine Program. These roles include:

Human Resources

Our HR team manages employee relations, organisational development, workforce performance analysis, and oversees our recruitment and strategic workforce planning. These human resources jobs include:

Current Jobs

Our legal team develops and executes our compliance and governance framework. These roles include:

Current Jobs
Health, safety and environment

Our health and safety team is focused on protecting all stakeholders in the workplace from exposure to hazards and risks. These roles include:

Work health and safety advisors

Ensures we operate safely and comply with all relevant legislation.

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Our security team provides a secure working environment with a clear and concise security framework and awareness training. These defence security jobs include:


Our finance team oversees our ongoing development, and monitors our accounting, payroll, tax and control systems and resources. These roles include:

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