Our operations team is the heart of our business

From technical operators and facility managers to quality assurance specialists and application testers, our operations team is integral to the success of our business. They not only strategically oversee and manage the process of parts, structures, construction and operations, they’re also responsible for the planning, organising and coordination of all resources needed to produce our submarines.


Our submarine operations team analyses, oversees and provides technical assistance and construction on projects from conception to completion. These roles include:


Our facilities management team makes sure all the people, processes, services and tools needed for the shipyard arrive safely and on time. These roles include:

Quality assurance and product safety

Our quality control specialists are responsible for testing units to determine if they’re within the specifications for the final product, and that they meet the highest levels of safety and quality. These roles include:

Test and activation

Our test and activation team develop and implement high quality applications, products and enhancements in collaboration with software and systems personnel. These roles include:

Safety & Certification

Responsible for overseeing the safety of equipment and operations, our safety and certification team makes sure the products, services and processes we use are accredited to meet industry standards. These roles include:


Responsible for conducting tests and collecting data to ensure our products, services and processes are certified and meet industry standards.