The home of the Future Submarine Program

Located at the Osborne Techport facility in Adelaide, South Australia, the Submarine Construction Yard (SCY) will be the home of the Future Submarine Program, alongside other maritime defence programs, including the Hunter Class SEA 5000 and Collins Class submarine sustainment programs. The location of the SCY is adjacent to the ANI-operated Common User Facility (CUF) in Osborne, which includes a Shiplift facility which will be used to launch the submarines when they’re completed. 

A symbiotic relationship

The design of the submarine and its construction strategy have a symbiotic relationship, and heavily influence the design of the SCY, which is being designed to support a submarine build cadence of one submarine launch every two years from the 3rd of class onwards.

The SCY facility is being designed and built by the managing contractor, Laing O’Rourke, to the specifications developed by Naval Group based on extensive experience in submarine design and build. It will be built in phases to prioritise the facilities that we need to support the submarine program.

We’ll progressively take operational control of the SCY facility, then undertake the commissioning activities to make sure the SCY equipment is ready for production.

SCY facilities will include:

A heavy fabrication building to construct the submarine pressure hull and other non-resistant structures

A customised surface preparation and painting facility to accommodate the large sections of submarine before they’re outfitted;

A raft and submarine section outfitting and integration facility to support the installation of the complex submarine equipment and systems

A consolidation hall where the final construction activities will be completed, together with testing activities prior to launch and sea trials.

Powered by digital innovation

The SCY will house modern and efficient production machinery, and will exploit the use of digital innovation to make sure the construction activities are executed quickly and efficiently. Some of the SCY equipment will be some the largest of its type in Australia. For example, the large scale milling machine will have turntable-capable accommodating submarine sections up to 11 metres in diameter. 

The SCY is being designed to maximise the state of completion of each submarine before it leaves the build facility prior to launch. This is a key lesson learnt from previous Australian submarine programs, where it was discovered that greater efficiency is achieved by maintaining the workforce as close as possible to the submarine to reduce transit time for the workforce.

Designed for a robust supply chain

The SCY is being developed with the capabilities of the Australian industry in mind, so that products or services can be supplied to allow the available space at the Osborne site to be prioritised for the execution of the critical submarine construction. This engagement of Australian Industries during the acquisition phase of the program will assist us to develop a robust Australian supply chain to support the sustainment activities.