more to sea

Dive beneath the surface in a 3D journey of discovery, as Naval Group uncovers a long-considered mystery of the ocean; submarines.

What can submerge underwater for more than 60 days without coming up for air, cover large areas undetected, and has… a gym?

Submarines play an important role in protecting a nation's maritime interests and sovereignty. Built for endurance, they can see without being seen, deter and destroy, and execute special operations.


Australia is increasing its submarine flotilla size to 12.

Submarines are critical to the operational capacity of a Navy, they can communicate intelligence back to other defence forces,and only submarines can be deployed in certain areas without raising the level of tension, while also remaining ready to intervene.

Submarines provide strategic force for island nations like Australia.

The Campaign

More To Sea was created having identified that the sophistication, complexity and function of a submarine is of interest to the people of Australia.

We have created a rich piece of digital content introducing viewers to the concept of a submarine and its purpose. The More To Sea campaign focuses attention on enlightening facts, combined with a dynamic sound design, voice over and graphics.

How much do you know about submarines?

Naval Group Australia’s Chief Technical Officer, Gary Swarbrick, is diving beneath the surface to share some facts about these sophisticated, complex and mysterious vessels.

How long have submarines been around?
Considered both mysterious and often perplexing, submarines have been roaming the world’s oceans since the early 1900s. Though these early vessels look, act and feel nothing like the modern fleet you’d find across the world now, one thing remains the same, their enigmatic presence is a mystery to most.

What is the role of a submarine?
Submarines protect a nation’s interest and sovereignty, and are designed to be virtually undetectable.

How many components is a submarine made up of?
It’s the most complex design and build on earth, with around one million components all working together.

How many hours, and how many people, does it take to build a submarine?
It takes millions of hours to design and build to the level of intricate engineering required. We have hundreds of local employees working on increasing Australia's submarine flotilla to 12, and are on the way to creating up to 1700 direct roles.

How you would describe what it's like inside a submarine?
This engineering marvel is equivalent to an underwater town, built to support life in one of the world’s most unique environments.