Building a Stronger Defence Industry


The Australian Future Submarine Program is the catalyst for unprecedented industry collaboration and development.

Naval Group and our partners are working with Australian industry to meet the requirements for this truly strategic and complex national endeavour. We are committed to maximising opportunities at every phase of The Program, across all states, territories and business sizes.

Through a shared focus on maximising opportunities for Australian industry, we will create and sustain a sovereign submarine capability now and into the future.

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Major critical system being any system, the failure of which, would prevent a submarine from safely proceeding to, or remaining at, sea or achieving its operation, including the diesels, main motor, generators, power conversion and distribution system, weapons handling and discharge systems, the bilge and ballast system, and the main batteries.

Critical Equipment refers to material or system that: plays a major role in the Whole Warship performances and architecture, has a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) under 5 at the beginning of feasibility studies phase, with lead time for procurement exceeding one year; or accounts for over 1% of the Program’s overall procurement cost.

Main Equipment refers to a piece of equipment or system, although not being critical, that: strongly impacts the layout, with lead time for procurement exceeding six months; or accounts for over 0.5% of the Program’s overall procurement cost.

Secondary Equipment Although not classified as Critical or Main Equipment, Secondary Equipment is specifically designed for FSP (as opposed to standard equipment that may be used by various warship programs). It has little impact on warship architecture, balances, arrangement and/or purchasing.

Standard Equipment Standard Equipment means common technology products and covers ‘trans-functional’ materials and semi-finished products in various technology fields.

Contractor Designed Equipment Equipment designed by Naval Group and manufactured by Naval Group or, to some extent, by qualified subcontractors.


Register your interest

Naval Group has established a presence on the Industry Capability Network (ICN) to receive registrations of interest for the Future Submarine Program. The information you maintain on ICN about your company will be accessed at varying times throughout the Program, so we encourage suppliers to keep their information up-to-date.



If there is a requirement to engage your company in the near future, the Procurement Department will send you a detailed Supplier Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (SPQQ). There may be a site visit to validate your SPQQ and better understand your company’s capabilities.



This step allows us to test your company’s capacity to deliver a product or service compliant with Naval Group criteria. This step may include a technical and/or quality audit. You will also be asked to commit to meeting the Naval Group suppliers code of conduct.


Qualified Suppliers

Your company will be placed in the Naval Group list of qualified suppliers.

Supplier Security Info

Defence Industry Security Program (DISP)

Naval Group Australia is committed to delivering the Royal Australian Navy with an uncompromised sovereign submarine capability, underpinned by a security culture that is strong, positive and sustainable. To enable this, Naval Group Australia Security Department will assist and guide suppliers to achieve and maintain DISP membership requirements.

As part of our commitment to the Commonwealth of Australia and the Department of Defence we will work with and support our Industry partners on security related matters and reinforce the implementation of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) which is aimed at supporting Industry to be Defence ready.

For more information and advice on becoming Defence-ready please visit the DISP website.

Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA)

For more information on the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) – the central vetting agency for the Australian Government that conducts security clearance assessments for federal, state and territory agencies, click here.

Export Control Info


Naval Group Australia is committed to ensuring national and regional security by complying with all applicable laws and regulations. We comply with arms and export control regimes and are dependent on our suppliers to inform us on any export control restrictions on the Goods and Technology that is supplied to us.

As a supplier to Naval Group Australia, it is your responsibility to ensure you are compliant with the following:


  • Ensuring all necessary Export Approvals are in place to provide relevant Goods and Technology to Naval Group Australia;
  • Ensure the relevant approved scope of any Export Approvals enables Naval Group Australia full use of the Goods and Technology in the context of the AFSP;
  • Ensure appropriate markings are on all export controlled material and the markings remain consistent and relevant to the Goods and Technology you are supplying;
  • Ensuring all applicable Export Authorizations are provided to Naval Group Australia. Where this is not possible a supplier is to provide the reference numbers of any applicable authorizations and is to ensure that any limitations or specific requirements for the use of the Goods and Technology is communicated in writing to Naval Group Australia;
  • Ensure all applicable supporting documentation to an Authorization is executed (for example, End-User Certificates and End-User Statements).


Suppliers of Naval Group Australia may require export approval within the process of receiving Goods and Technology throughout the Program. Obtaining export approval can be a lengthy process and failure to consider and address the below points may result in delays to access information from Naval Group Australia. 

  • When providing your company details to Naval Group Australia, please provide your full company name as it appears on any legal business registry and include the address of where you will be receiving the Goods and Technology. If you have multiple addresses please also provide these. If you trade under a different name, please also provide this.
  • If you have a parent company, subsidiary, business partner or you need to engage other suppliers in the context of working with Naval Group Australia, these companies may also require export approval so please provide these companies details to Naval Group Australia where required and as soon it’s identified.

If there are any changes to the above please ensure you inform Naval Group Australia in writing immediately.

Naval Group International Supplier Brochure

This Brochure contains important information for international suppliers interested in becoming involved in Australia’s Future Submarine Program and connecting with Australian industry.


Australian Industry Capability (AIC) Plan: Guidelines for Suppliers

An outline of the Future Submarine Program (FSP) Objectives, Suppliers' AIC Plans, and information on the AIC Plan Suite of Documents.


Template - Preliminary AIC Plan

For Suppliers submitting a Preliminary (30%) AIC Plan (as described in the AIC Plan Guidelines).


Template - Draft AIC Plan

For Suppliers submitting a Draft (80%) AIC Plan (as described in the AIC Plan Guidelines).


Template - Final AIC Plan

For Suppliers submitting a Final (95%) AIC Plan (as described in the AIC Plan Guidelines).


Template - LIA Schedule

Additional Appendix template for Suppliers submitting a Final (95%) AIC Plan (as described in the AIC Plan Guidelines).


Supplier Quality Assurance Information

Information about the two key stages to the Naval Group Australia Supplier Quality Assurance processes.


Naval Group Supplier Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for Suppliers to Naval Group sets out the principles Naval Group expects its Suppliers to commit to as part of their joint effort towards continuous progress and sustainable development.


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