Naval Group is one of the most experienced submarine designers and builders in the world, having built more than 100 submarines for nine navies.

It’s a big part of why we were chosen to be Australia’s international design and build partner for the Future Submarine Program – you can read more about this ambitious undertaking here.

We’re the only company in the world competent in the construction of both conventional and nuclear submarines, and we deliver vessels ranging from 2,000 tonnes up to 14,000 tonnes. It’s this diverse range of submarines that allows us to meet any and all market requirements.

Elsewhere in the world, we design, build and/or maintain the Scorpene ® 2000 conventional-propulsion submarines for Brazil, Malaysia, India and Chile.

For the French Navy, we design and build the formidable Barracuda – a sophisticated submarine created to contest an ever-growing array of challenges. The first-in-class, the SSN Suffren, will achieve integration of all of its equipment in the 2017 French summer, after which testing will begin, with sea trials commencing in 2019. The second boat, the Duguay Trouin, will follow the Suffren into assembly. Between 2017 and 2029, six Barracudas are set to replace the six Rubis/Améthyste-class boats currently in service.

To learn more about our submarine capabilities, click here.